RCS, VoLTE & beyond Workshop


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Wednesday 10th October 2012



14:00 - 14:30

ETSI & Interoperability
The ETSI /E2NA/3GPP INT group activities and past achievements and future activities.

Giulio Maggiore

14:30 – 15:00

GSMA Overview of RCS and VoLTE
- The evolution of RCS and VoLTE
- RCS/VoLTE Market Deployment

David Hutton

15:00 - 15:30

RCS VoLTE Interoperability Event
- IOT aims and benefits
- Event Overview
- Preliminary results/conclusion

Wayne Cutler

15:30 16:00

Networking Break

16:00 - 17:30

Visit to the RCS VoLTE Interoperability Event


16:00 - 16:15

Demo Presentation


16:15 - 17:30

Visit to the testing area



Bus Departure for Social event

Thursday 11th October 2012


Room  opening and registration

8:50 9:00

Welcome to Day 2 and today’s agenda

Telecom Italia
G. Maggoire

9:00 9:30


The role of IMS in VoLTE and RCS evolution

-  - IMS service innovation

-  - Reference architecture
 (for RCS, VoLTE, Wholesale, etc.)

- Business models identified

IMS Focus Group

G. Maggiore

9:30 10:00

Orange's commitment to RCS
- Orange delivery of RCS to the market
- The ecosystem & Orange's technical contribution to it
- Latest technical updates in Orange
- Orange vision on the future of RCS
Thibaud  Mienville

10:00 10:30


The Role of Device Management in Managing RCS Roll Out

-  - The need for Over-The-Air provisioning

-  - Standards and specifications (OMA, GSMA)

-  - Auto-configuration mechanisms (3G, WiFi, secondary device access)

- The impact of evolving RCS specifications on Device Management


Ibtissam Hajjar

10:30 - 11:00

Networking Break

11:00 11:30


Analysis of structuring call and non-call services on trial RCS implementation
- RCS Service placement - How services and user base are deployed
- Parameters for mutual evaluation of RCS configurations
- Different characteristics of call and non-call RCS services
- Useful parameters for traffic modelling
- Modelling server traffic and service impact

Grasic Valerij


11:30 12:00


Device management– Market Perspectives

-  - Recent evolution of devices, platforms and their management

-  - Applications evolution and the implications for the future of DM

-  - Identifying important new entrants in DM and their likely impact

- Identifying likely winners and losers as the market evolves

DMF (Device Management Forum)

Abraham Joseph




12:00 12:30

VoLTE and RCS implementation case study
- Drivers, timing & budgets, schedules for 1st  handset
- Integrating with existing systems – case study of CDMA deployment
- Achieving coverage - advantages vs. circuit switched cellular
- Lessons - 3 greatest challenges , 3 most important lessons learned
- Most important areas for further optimization and improvement

Imagination Technologies
Allan Johnson

12:30 13:00

Implementing VoLTE and RCS for Public Safety Mission Critical Applications

-  - Utilizing RCS for mission critical communications, Voice, Text & Video 

-  - Public safety network and certification process

- VoLTE and circuit switch interoperability


Emil Olbrich

13:00 14:00

Networking Lunch

14:00 14:30 The impact of smart devices on RCSe interoperability
- More demand for always-on Social Media - but can RCSe win?
- Challenges and responsibilities of device manufacturers
- Interoperability for devices, and downloadable clients, and embedded clients


   Alido Di Giovanni

   Todd Haas

14:30 15:00


Leveraging IMS for VoLTE and RCS Services in LTE Networks
- The advantages of moving to VoLTE/RCS for fixed and mobile operators
- The journey from TDM to packet world – the myth and the reality
- Leveraging IMS Core Network for VoLTE/RCS – a truly converged network
- Ensuring the best media experience

Adnan Saleem

15:00 15:30


Network-to-network connectivity
- Practical experience of ENUM for IMS interconnect
- Extending ENUM address resolution to service discovery
- Number portability and integration with existing architectures
- ENUM to resolve evolution, migration and coexistence

Tim Ward

15:30 16:00



Q&A session: Starting to roll… and roll on to the future
- What drives VoLTE/RCS as a second wave of Social Media?  
- What is the role of device manufacturers in RCS penetration?
- What is the path for RCS into the Enterprise in the advent of BYOD?


    Rebecca Copeland




Afternoon tea and close



10-11 October 2012

Registration Deadline:
28 Sept 2012

Ljubljanska c. 24a

400 Kranj
SI - Slovenia