3rd IMS Plugtests / IPTV Plugtests


Shipping your equipment

To ease the logistics for the participants it is possible to send equipment in advance. This equipment will be stored at the event location and will be provided to the related participant in due time for the tests sessions.

Should you need to send your equipment prior to the event, it is your responsibility to organize shipment to and from France. For European Companies, all equipment can be shipped in advance.

Each participant is free to select the transport company of his/her choice. Return shipment must be arranged when organizing incoming shipment. Ensure your company applies the right shipping rules if you are not part of the European Community.

Please inform us of your shipping arrangements.
In all cases, bring all shipping information with you:
Airway bill/tracking numbers, name and contact details of
shipping company, details of pick up arrangements.

Please address your equipment as follows:

16-23 October 2009

c/o Jacques GOASNARD
Complexe des Ursulines
Mairie de Lannion
Service Culturel
5, Place des patriotes
22300 Lannion - France
Tel: +33 (0)6 71 28 32 00

For the use of:
<your company name>
<name of person from your company responsible at the event>
<Box 1 out of N>

Possible delivery times: Monday to Friday 8h-12h & 13h30 - 17h30

For non-European companies

You have to proceed to a temporary admission of your goods, otherwise the French customs will assume that you want to sell your equipment in France and will charge French VAT on the declared value of your equipment (French Value Added Tax is 19,6%).
Having a CARNET ATA is the safest way to handle this and has the advantage of ensuring quicker customs clearance. By filling this document, you state clearly that your equipment is not for sale, that it will be taken back, and that it is for a trade show only. The document ensures the temporary admission of your goods in the French territory and avoids them being retained at the customs. 

Careful! Most courier companies do not handle temporary admissions. As a result, your equipment is very likely to get retained at the customs in Paris (FR) or you have to pay taxes on your equipment.

Deadline for Shipment: 5 October 2009


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