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Between the Pink Granite and Heather coasts, Lannion is the Côtes d’Armor region’s second largest town. Lannion is a historical setting symbolised by the Brélévenez church and the half-timbered houses in the town squares. Many discoveries await you in these squares, streets and paved alleys as well as its churches, chapels and monasteries. The wide ranging selection of refined shops in the heart of the town is perfect for window-shopping and bargain-hunting all year round. Don’t miss Lannion’s open-air market which takes place each Thursday. A stopping place for gourmets, Lannion also offers the enchantments of restaurants offering traditionally prepared fare.

Since the setting up of the National Centre for Telecommunications studies here in 1960, Lannion has been the birthplace of fantastic innovations in digital telephony, optical fiber, electronic highways, etc. Today Lannion gathers 3 000 researchers and engineers within an industrial environment where electronics, information technology and telecommunications predominante. At Pleumeur-Bodou, just 5 kilometres from Lannion, the Science Park is a French showcase for the history of telecommunications, offering a high quality tour of its museum and other attractions.

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