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GRIDS for Finance and Telecommunications Contest
Monday 20 - Thursday 23 October 2008

This PLUGTESTS will run on a GRID made up of more than 6000 cores.
Thanks to Grid5000 and InTrigger to provide a strong support to the Grid Plugtests by graciously providing resources.
Their gift represents more than 500 000 CPU hours.

Click here to get instructions on how to trepare for the V Grid Plugtests (October 2008)?

The V GRID Contest is organized by ERCIM, ETSI and INRIA
Click here to view the rules of the challenge. Be prepared to beat other registered participants in real time!

Please note that the PRELIMINARY TESTS will start from NOW until 18 October 2008.

This is Informal and optional. It is offered to maximize your chance to participate in the real-time face-to-face challenge. The registration deadline is 12 October 2008.

If you just want to play remotely without attending and discuss the challenge before taking part, you can subscribe to the related discussion list.

By participating to this event, engineers agree not to separately disclose, comment on, or otherwise characterize the results of the testing event, or the operation of any individual vendor's equipment.











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Deadlines & Date
Event: 20 - 24 Oct. 2008
Registration: 12 October 2008

Venue Address
2004 Route des Lucioles - BP 93
06902 Sophia Antipolis Cedex

Tel: + 33 (0)4 92 38 77 77
Fax: +33 (0)4 92 38 77 6