IoT CoAP Plugtests™ & Workshop

IPSO Alliance
ITS Plugtests™
ETSI Plugtests, the IPSO Alliance and the FP7 Probe-it project are pleased to invite you to participate in the second Internet of Things CoAP Plugtests, taking place from 28th -30th November 2012 in Sophia Antipolis, France.
The plugtest event is aimed at M2M system vendors, operators, software vendors and research institutes to assess the interoperability of their products and to validate the CORE base standards.
A workshop will be held adjacent to the plugtest on Tuesday 27th of November. The aim of the workshop is to provide plugtest participants and any other interested parties an opportunity to meet, discuss and disseminate topics such as Embedded Web Services, Introduction to CORE, New CORE features, Architecture, Integration with ETSI M2M.