Sophia Antipolis, 5 July 2024

ETSI is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the FRMCS #4 Plugtests event, held at Sophia Antipolis, ETSI HQ, from July 1 – 5, 2024. This event brought together key stakeholders, including railway operators, telecom vendors, system integrators, and industry experts worldwide. ETSI organized the event with the support of the European Union, EFTA, TCCA-Critical Communications, and UIC— International Union of Railways.

Key Highlights:

  • Global Collaboration: With 83 delegates present face-to-face, 67 participating remotely, and 25 vendors, the event fostered global collaboration in testing and validating FRMCS solutions.
  • Testing Scenarios: The Plugtests covered many scenarios, including mission-critical voice and data communication based on 3GPP Rel-18, Adhoc Groups, and IP Connectivity.
  • 3GPP Specifications: Participants had the opportunity to test and validate the latest 3GPP specifications and standards developed by 3GPP and ETSI.
  • Live Demonstrations: Attendees showcased real-world applications and use cases of FRMCS technology, including AdHoc groups and GSM-R IWF demonstrations.
  • Workshops and Panels: Workshops and panel discussions explored topics such as the future of railway communications, quality of service (QoS), and the integration of FRMCS with other technologies like 5G.
  • Networking and Insights: Industry peers networked, shared insights and discussed challenges and opportunities in deploying FRMCS.
  • Comprehensive Report: The results and findings from the Plugtests will be compiled into a comprehensive report, providing valuable feedback for standardizing FRMCS technologies and guiding future development efforts.

In support of the hard work, 90 participants enjoyed a nice networking dinner on the beach in Nice, France.

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