Sophia Antipolis, 28 August 2023

ETSI is pleased to announce the completion of its Release 2 specifications on Fifth Generation Fixed Network (F5G). Building upon the accomplishments of Release 1, the ETSI F5G group has introduced an array of additional features that bring fiber fixed networks into the next level.

Release 2 is based on an updated set of 32 Use Cases, identified in the Group Report, ETSI GR F5G 008. The Use Cases span a diverse spectrum, comprising XR based virtual presence, home broadband connectivity to multiple clouds, virtual music, next generation digital twins, or AI-driven PON optical path diagnoses. This comprehensive set of Use Cases has been further analysed with requirements and gaps identified in the specification titled Technology Landscape and Gap Analyses, Release 2, ETSI GS F5G 013.  

To support these new requirements, an evolved network architecture has been specified in Network Architecture, Release 2 ETSI GS F5G 014. It further enhances F5G network services, such as Fibre-to-the-Room (FTTR) and industrial PON, creating a framework for the delivery of advanced, high bandwidth, and high-quality services. FTTR improves the user experience, enabling virtual reality applications in every corner of your home. Industrial PON will turn manufacturing plants into a green, digitalized environment.

Release 2 also includes specifications which define a telemetry framework for automated advanced network management, a method for the evaluation of residential services’ quality allowing to estimate the F5G network quality and compare it to the requirements of the services. It also comprises enhanced security specifications enabling effective countermeasures to safeguard against potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Release 2 of ETSI's F5G specifications marks a significant leap forward, elevating fixed-fiber networks to levels that will allow a variety of novel services while ensuring robust security and exceptional service quality. The ETSI F5G group is currently engaged in developing F5G-Advanced technology for Release 3.

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