ETSI welcomes the strengthened role for NSOs in the decision-making process of European standards

Sophia Antipolis, 19 October 2022

The EU member states' ambassadors today endorsed the final compromise text of the Amendment to regulation 1025/2012 with regard to the decisions of European standardization organizations concerning European standards and European standardization deliverables.

ETSI welcomes the idea of strengthening the role of National Standardization Bodies in decision-making processes of European Standardization Organizations (ESOs) when it comes to the acceptance and refusal of standardization requests.  ETSI also agrees that this should not affect the role played by the broader participation of international stakeholders in preparing effective standards that respond to public interest and market needs. Only a well-functioning standardization environment and system support the industry in creating and accessing markets, driving innovation, and therefore contributing to EU internal market and global competitiveness.

The amendment is a part of the new European Standardization Strategy, published by the European Commission in February 2022, which aspires to strengthen the role of European standards and ensure their global recognition. In this context, ETSI believes that it is important to preserve the EU’s leadership and uncontested competitive advantage in global standardization, thus ETSI governing bodies are focusing today on adjusting its rules in order to build an effective and efficient European standardization system.

Unique to ETSI is that its organization operates to produce both standards in support of the EU Internal Market and EU legislation and standards for the global marketplace. Its standards are accessed and downloaded free of charge by users across the globe.

ETSI is looking forward to contributing to open and constructive discussions with the European Commission, the European Parliament and Member States on how to build a European standardization system that not only serves us well, but also responds quickly to innovation and is accessible to everyone.

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