‘Designing tomorrow’s world’: ETSI unveils strategy in line with its ambitious vision

Sophia Antipolis, 3 December 2020

At the meeting of its General Assembly yesterday ETSI has validated a new strategy, the result of an intensive development process over the last months.

Titled ‘Designing tomorrow’s world’, the strategy has been shaped by ETSI’s diverse global community, drawing on the expertise and experience of more than 900 member organizations that include multinational and smaller companies, start-ups, research organizations and governmental institutions.

Representing ETSI’s values, mission and vision, Designing tomorrow’s world defines ETSI’s future direction as a world-leading Standards Developing Organization (SDO).

The strategy builds on a recognition of the global importance of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in sustainable development, together with the role of ICT standards to support the digital transformation of society.

Based on ETSI’s foundations as a recognized European Standardization Organization serving an innovative, market driven community, Designing tomorrow’s world consolidates ETSI’s mission to provide a common platform for interested parties to collaborate on the development and promotion of standards for ICT systems and services that are used globally for the benefit of all.

ETSI’s vision is to design tomorrow’s world; be at the forefront of new Information and Communication Technology; and to lead the development of standards that enable a sustainable and securely connected society.

To deliver this vision, ETSI will follow a path marked by 5 Key Strategic Directions:

  • Being at the Heart of Digital
  • Being an Enabler of Standards
  • Being Global
  • Being Versatile
  • Being Inclusive

Developing this new strategy for ETSI has proved fruitful for all our stakeholders, and is positive confirmation of the success of our operational methods over the last years” states Luis Jorge Romero, ETSI Director-General. “The excellent spirit of cooperation from all ETSI members in creating this strategy reflects how realistic and engaged we are in supporting the evolution of ETSI to achieve its challenging ambitions.

Operating in a fast-changing industrial and socioeconomic landscape, ETSI is a key player in an ecosystem that has enabled huge advances in technology over the past decades – a role that I am certain our new strategy will consolidate further.

About ETSI
ETSI provides members with an open and inclusive environment to support the development, ratification and testing of globally applicable standards for ICT systems and services across all sectors of industry and society.  We are a not-for-profit body with more than 900 member organizations worldwide, drawn from 65 countries and five continents. Members comprise a diversified pool of large and small private companies, research entities, academia, government and public organizations. ETSI is officially recognized by the EU as a European Standards Organization (ESO). For more information please visit us at https://www.etsi.org/.

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