ETSI's Securing Artificial Intelligence group appoints Chair and Vice Chairs

Sophia Antipolis, 27 January 2020

ETSI's new Industry Specification Group on Securing Artificial Intelligence (ISG SAI) met last week for its second meeting and appointed Alex Leadbeater (BT) as its Chair. Dr Kate Reed (NCSC) was appointed as First Vice Chair and Tieyan Li (Huawei) was appointed as Second Vice Chair. This second meeting, after the launch of the group last October, was also the place to discuss work priorities.

The Securing AI group was created to develop technical specifications to mitigate threats arising from the deployment of AI throughout multiple ICT-related industries. The group will work on securing AI from attack, mitigating against malicious AI and using AI to enhance security measures. The purpose of the ETSI ISG SAI is to develop the technical knowledge that acts as a baseline in ensuring that artificial intelligence is secure.

I am delighted to be appointed as the Chair for this exciting new group. Ensuring the security of Artificial Intelligence is a vital topic that affects many stakeholders and I look forward to seeing what work the group produces as it begins its work programme in earnest” says Alex Leadbeater, Chair of the ISG SAI. 

The group will create an AI Threat Ontology report to align terminology, a Problem Statement that will guide the work of the group, a Data Supply Chain Report summarizing the methods used and risks associated with sourcing data for training AI, a mitigation strategy report with guidance to mitigate the impact of AI threats, and security testing of AI.

The next meeting of the ISG SAI will be held in Sophia Antipolis on 2-3 April 2020.

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