First ETSI C-V2X interoperability event tests ETSI ITS and 3GPP standards

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Sophia Antipolis, 8 November 2019

ETSI, with experts from its Center for Testing and Interoperability, in partnership with the 5GAA, is organizing the first C‑V2X PlugtestsTM event.

Hosted by DEKRA in its Connected Vehicle Test Development Centre in Malaga from 2-6 December 2019, the event will enable vendors to run interoperability test sessions to assess the level of interoperability of their implementations and validate their understanding of the standards. Interoperability testing checks that devices built to the same standards can work together and provide the functionalities specified in the standards.

The week-long face to face meeting will offer an opportunity to test Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) equipment which implement mobile technologies for vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure connectivity (C-V2X). Equipment will be tested in both lab and field environments at the DEKRA site. The test sessions will cover ITS functionality such as road hazard signalling, traffic sign violation and intersection collision risk warning. The test cases will be based mainly on ETSI ITS standards and 3GPP test specifications.

This testing will trial the ITS ecosystem under real life conditions from infrastructure to applications in vehicles, thus demonstrating interoperability of C-V2X equipment. This is a unique opportunity for solution providers to maximize the effectiveness of their ITS solutions. Participation is open to all providers of C-V2X solutions, who are invited to register.

In parallel, a joint ETSI/5GAA workshop will take place on 4 December, at the same location. It will focus on achievements and challenges in the connected automotive sector, to offer attendees a complete update on the opportunities and implementation use cases of C-V2X technologies. Join us at:

This Plugtests event should help accelerate the rollout of ITS services based on mobile technologies to offer drivers safer vehicles and road infrastructure.

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ETSI Plugtests activities are part-funded by the European Commission and EFTA.

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