Sophia Antipolis, 19 December 2014

ETSI has created a new Industry Specification Group (ISG) to work on millimetre Wave Transmission (mWT), with the first meeting taking place at ETSI on 14-15 January 2015.

There is increasing interest in using millimetre wave spectrum, in the 30GHz to 300GHz range, for radio transmission. There is one order of magnitude of more spectrum available in this band than in lower bands. Larger bandwidth channels are possible, of 2GHz, 4GHz, 10GHz or even 100GHz. This allows radio systems to offer fibre-like capacity. The spectrum can be made available quickly, and can be reused easily with the limited propagation range in this band. Lower spectrum license costs also lead to a lower total cost of ownership and lower cost per bit of radio systems using this spectrum.

However there are barriers to using this spectrum. Regulations for millimetre wave radio differ greatly from country to country. There is a lack of key components leading to high equipment costs. There is huge variety in the types of equipment and applications using this spectrum and there is still a lack of confidence in the technology.

ETSI’s new Industry Specification Group on millimetre Wave Transmission (ISG mWT) will facilitate the use of the V-band (57-66 GHz), the E-band (71-76 & 81-86 GHz) and, in the future, higher frequency bands (up to 300 GHz) for large volume backhaul and fronthaul applications to support mobile network implementation, wireless local loop and any other service benefitting from high speed wireless transmission.

The approach is to analyze issues, to exchange information and to develop common views across the industry, on subjects including regulation and licensing schemes, propagation channel models, simulation results, measurements, semiconductor technology roadmaps, and experiences gained from early roll-outs and trials. Other ISG mWT work will focus on use-cases and requirements and identify the most suitable millimetre wave bands for the most important transmission applications.

Participation in the millimetre Wave Transmission Industry Specification Group is open to all ETSI members as well as organizations who are not members, subject to signing ISG Agreements. A complete list of ISG mWT members is published on the ETSI Portal pages for mWT. For information on how to participate please contact

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