Sophia Antipolis, 6 June 2014

An open workshop jointly organized by the European Commission’s DG CONNECT and ETSI on machine-to-machine smart appliances took place in Brussels on 27-28 May. Presentations outlined ETSI’s objectives and presented the scope of the European Commission’s study. ETSI’s and TNO’s approach - TNO being the organization in charge of the report to the EC - reached wide acceptation by the audience.

Robert Madelin, Director General of DG CONNECT, from the European Commission and Luis Jorge Romero, ETSI’s Director-General opened the workshop and welcomed the multistakeholder approach.

Participants included the appliances manufacturers industry represented by home and building sensors, white goods, HVAC, lighting, micro-renewable home solutions, the construction and facility management sector, the energy Sector, the ICT industry at large and standardization organisations.

In ETSI, smart appliances standards are being handled by SmartM2M technical committee and in a next step by oneM2M partnership project. To turn commitments into action, a clear roadmap and milestones were introduced and the first specifications are planned to be published over Q2 2015. Interoperability issues will be addressed through tests suite development at the end of 2015. All manufacturers are welcome to step in and offer their specification compliant solutions to be tested.

As M2M technology and standardization process is mature, and as ontology based on the know-how of the sector is now comprehensive, the market seems ready to move forward. Once the specifications are ready, a certification mechanism along with pilots will be needed before rolling out smart appliances products and services with a kind of “plug-and-play".

The next workshop is scheduled in October 2014, in ETSI’s facilities, Sophia-Antipolis. Check our event’s page to register or subscribe to our events mailing list to keep updated.