ETSI Headquarters, Sophia Antipolis, France - 24 January 2014

Security experts from partner standards bodies, consortia, industry and academia gathered for the 9th ETSI workshop on Security on January 15 and 16, in Sophia Antipolis.

In a world where mobile connectivity and digital communication have become part of our everyday life, privacy, data protection and cybersecurity issues become essential. They were part of the extensive range of topics addressed during the conference.

High-level debate, knowledge-sharing and networking drove the success of this event where over 100 participants exchanged their experience and best practices on cybersecurity and security aspects of eSignature, smart cards, smart grids/smart cities, cloud services or machine-to-machine networks and related standardization. Attendees heard that over 33 billion smart cards for mobile communication security were delivered over the last 10 years making this the largest market for smart cards. Key messages outlined that while privacy is contextual, as the same level of privacy is not required for everything, security is also a matter of trust and interoperability when it relates to ID credentials.

An annual event, the ETSI Security Workshop is also the place to release ETSI’s white paper on security standardization, updated once a year. This describes the security-related work undertaken in each of ETSI’s technical fields, including mobile/wireless communications, network infrastructure, electronic signatures, smart cards and emergency telecommunications.

Full details of this year's workshop including presentations from the event are available at:

The updated white paper is available at: