ETSI Headquarters, Sophia Antipolis, France – 4 December 2013

Intelligent Transport System standards tested for innovative safety critical car-to-car communication

ETSI, in collaboration with ERTICO, has organized the latest in a series of Plugtests™ interoperability events for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Cooperative Systems. This event was hosted by CETECOM, from 25 to 29 November in Essen, Germany.

ITS imageParticipating companies from the automotive sector tested the interoperability of their solutions. In addition they ran tests to assess their compliance with the latest standards developed by the ETSI ITS technical committee. The event also included a workshop on Future Perspectives of Car-to-X Communication, gathering experts from both public and private organizations specializing in ITS technologies and implementations. 

A basic set of ETSI ITS release 1 standards has been developed and was tested during the event. These standards enable the development of car-to-X communication applications to reduce car accidents and provide, for example, intersection collision or wrong-way driving warning messages and other road safety related warnings.

Other interoperability tests during this event covered ITS security and privacy standards. Security experts ensured that implementations met reliability and data protection requirements. To evaluate the radio capabilities of prototype ITS devices, radio regulatory and performance measurements were run and these confirmed the feasibility of ITS in the 5 GHz frequency band.

Interoperability is critical to the successful uptake of ITS technologies related to safety of human life. Standard development should ideally undergo a cycle of specification development, followed by validation of the specification, followed by development of standardized test specifications. ETSI implements these best practices through organizing Plugtests interoperability events and creating standardized test specifications.

The experience we have gained in the ITS domain will be re-useable in other mobile services. We also capitalize on previous experience in producing such critical standards, for safety of life at sea, avalanche beacons or high speed rail communications for instance, where nothing can be left to chance,” says Adrian Scrase, ETSI CTO.

ETSI‘s ITS technical committee develops standards for communications between vehicles (e.g. car-to-car), and between vehicles and fixed locations (e.g. car-to-infrastructure). ITS is scheduled to be deployed in Europe in 2015. In order to meet this goal, the European Commission has financially supported the development of ETSI’s release 1 package of ITS standards. The existence of common European standards is paramount to ensure the interoperability of ITS services and applications as well as to accelerate their introduction for the car industry and road users.

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ETSI produces globally-applicable standards for Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), including fixed, mobile, radio, converged, aeronautical, broadcast and internet technologies and is officially recognized by the European Union as a European Standards Organization. ETSI is an independent, not-for-profit association whose more than 700 member companies and organizations, drawn from 62 countries across 5 continents worldwide, determine its work programme and participate directly in its work.

About ERTICO ITS Europe
ERTICO – ITS Europe is a multi-sector, public/private partnership pursuing the development and deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems and Services (ITS). ERTICO connects public authorities, industry players, infrastructure operators, users, national ITS associations and other organisations to work together to bring “Intelligence into Mobility”. The ERTICO work programme focuses on initiatives to improve transport safety, security and network efficiency whilst taking into account measures to reduce environmental impact. Our vision is of a future transport system working towards zero accidents, zero delays and fully informed people, where services are affordable and seamless, the environment is protected, privacy is respected and security is provided.

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