ETSI Headquarters, Sophia Antipolis, France – 2 December 2011

ETSI Technical Committee TC TETRA has released a new version of the TETRA standard which incorporates the next development step in the TETRA Enhanced Data Service, TEDS.  This development is known as Direct Access and is specified in ETSI TS 100 392 2.

TETRA is the ETSI standard for professional mobile radio communications, and is widely used by public safety, government and business users worldwide with over two million terminals in use across all continents.  Direct Access allows a TETRA terminal to use TEDS data cells independently of TETRA 1 voice and data cells.  This allows the creation of more efficient data terminals, and also allows high speed data networks to be designed that are independent of networks carrying speech.  It therefore broadens the scope for the use of TETRA and TEDS in building secure and resilient mission critical professional mobile data networks.