ETSI Headquarters, Sophia Antipolis, France – 26 October 2011

ETSI's Model-Based Testing User Conference, hosted by Fraunhofer from 18th to 20th of October in Berlin, demonstrates that model-based testing of software-based systems has matured into an industrial technology.

Experts in Model-Based Testing (MBT) of software-based systems from Europe, Asia and North and South America have declared that automated test development and generation has matured in the last decade from a topic of academic research into an industrial technology.  Gathering at the first ETSI MBT User Conference (MBTUC), which took place from October 18th to 20th in Berlin, they have made their strongest-ever industrial commitment to MBT. This event has been the result of a joint initiative by industrial MBT tool users, tool providers and research institutes in the ETSI Technical Committee on Methods for Testing and Specification (TC MTS).

The event included keynotes from Microsoft, Deutsche Telekom, Nokia Siemens Networks and Carmeq, as well as 24 peer-reviewed presentations which shared experiences ranging from pilot projects to multiple years of applying model-based testing technologies. Tutorials from six different commercial tool providers further attested that model-based testing is an industrial technology.

The conference was co-organized by ETSI (the European Telecommunications Standards Institute) and the Fraunhofer FIRST and FOKUS institutes, both located in Berlin, and took place at the Fraunhofer-Forum Berlin. 120 experts from 21 countries attended the conference, with participants coming from different industry domains such as network equipment, enterprise IT systems, industrial automation, automotive and aerospace. Papers from the event are available to the public from the event website at

Wolfgang Grieskamp, Google said 'The conference clearly showed that model-based testing has evolved into a mature technology spreading into many industrial domains. I expect this technology to gain more and more relevance in industry.' 

 'Our deployment results prove that Model Based Testing (MBT) is the right answer to many challenges in software testing. At Nokia Siemens Networks, we are convinced that we can serve our customers better with this technology,' said Pertti Lukander, Nokia Siemens Networks.

The ETSI MBT User Conference provided an unprecedented opportunity for newcomers, practitioners, testing experts and standardization experts to meet and share their views about benefits and challenges in deploying this technology. Due to the strong, positive feedback from participants, next year's ETSI MBT User Conference is already planned for September 2012.

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