Sophia Antipolis, 11 June 2024

ETSI, the Standards People, are putting high emphasis on enhancing education to help prepare the next generation of standards professionals master tech standardization.

The European standardization organization provides a comprehensive set of high-quality educational materials on ICT standardization aimed at universities, NSOs and member organizations for training purposes. This comprises a textbook on ‘Understanding ICT Standardization’ which is complemented by a modular slide set allowing components to be used in a range of engineering, business, and law courses.

ETSI is pleased to announce a new collaboration with the Utrecht University Summer School on ‘Global Power and Technology’ covering ‘Competition, Innovation & Technological Advancement through Standardization in the EU’, taking place on 15-19 July 2024 in the Netherlands.

The course equips students with knowledge on technology regulation and technical standardization, focusing on different legal and policy aspects that pertain to these industry rules. Participants will gain deeper knowledge and understanding in the areas of competition law, EU internal market law and the emerging EU legislation. It is targeted at master students with basic knowledge and understanding of competition law, as well as professionals of different disciplines, who have worked with technologies, and in particular connectivity technologies. Course participation is also beneficial to professionals, including engineering and management, who have been working in the technology sector, particularly connectivity and IoT, and are looking to grasp the various legal aspects around technologies in these sectors. Attendees may look forward to a stimulating and rewarding week of interactive learning, field trips, simulation games, and networking.

ETSI will actively contribute to the lectures. Mr Alex Leadbeater, Chair of ETSI TC Cyber, will speak on cybersecurity in the context of standardization.

For more course info please visit ‘Global Power and Technology’ covering ‘Competition, Innovation & Technological Advancement through Standardization in the EU’.