Sophia Antipolis, 7 December 2023 

In order to have the capability to directly contribute to standardization requests, which may include, but not limited to, the future AI Act, Cybersecurity Resilience Act and NIS2, it was decided to transfer the SAI Industry Specification Group into a Technical Committee.

On 4 December this week, the new Technical Committee SAI launched its kick off meeting at ETSI. Members of the group elected Scott Cadzow as the Chair.

In inheriting the work programme of the former ISG SAI a set of several work items were adopted by the group, in total 11 work items were adopted including technical reports and technical specifications that will be published in the next few months. The new Reports will address the traceability of AI Models, collaborative Artificial Intelligence, these inherited from ISG SAI and updated, and AI critical security controls and the global AI Ecosystem as new work areas. The Committee will also deliver its first technical specification on an Artificial Intelligence computing platform security framework.

In addition, new items were adopted and will cover several topics, including the second technical specification of the Committee on ontology that extends the work of the ISG SAI into a wider discussion of terminology to align with partner SDOs.

The primary goal of the Technical Committee for Securing Artificial Intelligence (TC SAI) is to develop technical specifications that mitigate threats arising from the deployment of AI. These threats may originate from other AI systems or conventional sources. In the short to medium term, the Committee will focus on the application of Machine Learning (ML). However, the group will also provide guidance and evaluation reports to ETSI and its stakeholders on broader AI developments.