Sophia Antipolis, 30 November 2023

On 28 November, the ETSI General Assembly announced the appointment of a diverse group of 27 board members to serve a new three-year term. Dr. Markus Mueck, Intel Deutschland GmbH, was elected as the new Chair while Mr. Nick Sampson, Orange, Dr. Colin Willcock, Nokia and Dr. Thomas Zielke, BMWK (Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action) were elected as Vice Chairs during the board meeting on 30 November.

The ETSI Board, a composition of both elected and ex-officio non-voting members, plays a crucial role in shaping the strategic direction of the organization. A key highlight is the broad representation among elected Board members, reflecting the entire spectrum of ETSI stakeholders. This inclusive group comprises individuals from diverse sectors, including manufacturers, network operators, research bodies, service providers, administrations, National Standards Organizations, SMEs, users, and civil society.

 The Board acts on behalf of the ETSI General Assembly by exercising those powers and functions that are delegated to it. Those include various day-to-day management tasks such as overseeing our Work Programme, approving Terms of Reference (ToRs) for our technical committees, ETSI projects and Coordination groups, confirming the appointment of technical committee chairs and advising the GA on budget and finance issues.

 Geographically, the newly appointed Board members come from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Sweden, showcasing a pan-European collaboration. Three representatives from Small and Medium Enterprises contribute their perspectives among the 27 members, underscoring the importance of diverse voices in driving ETSI's mission forward.