Sophia Antipolis, 30 November 2023

ETSI proudly announces its commitment to fostering the education and skills development of the next generation of European standardization professionals. This initiative is part of a voluntary pledge which ETSI’s Director-General Luis Jorge Romero signed today in Brussels in the presence of the Commissioner for Internal Market of the European Union, Thierry Breton. It was launched by the European Commission’s High-Level Forum on European Standardization, specifically under the workstream on Education and Skills.

Recognizing the crucial role that education plays in ensuring the effectiveness of the standardization system in Europe, the signing parties aim to contribute to the broader EU standardization strategy.

ETSI, as a key participant in this commitment, pledges to undertake a series of actions falling into distinct categories, demonstrating its dedication to shaping a skilled and knowledgeable workforce for the future.

Some of the categories where ETSI already actively contributes include promoting engagement of students and young graduates in standardization-related work, driving awareness campaigns, and developing educational modules focused on standardization.

Since 2018, ETSI has indeed developed a comprehensive programme for education about standardization with a textbook and a set of related slides, already used by nearly 70 universities and other organizations. These teaching materials target primarily engineering and scientific students and are also used by other different types of organizations, with modules relevant to business, management, innovation, and legal subjects.

ETSI encourages all its member organizations to contribute to the collective effort of building a robust foundation for European standardization professionals.