Sophia Antipolis, 14 April 2023

Today we expect to be able to communicate anywhere, with everyone, at anytime, on every device and at the same time use various services that will help us save time in our daily life.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning enable these new services, helping to improve our user profiles. But it is important to keep the user at the centre of the data system. To do so, the ETSI User group has developed a  Proof of Concept developing a model to design a user-centric digital clone for smart identities. This model is application independent, and users keep in control of their data.

This Proof of Concept is building the use case of an active profile for smart ID that would allow AI to offer an answer crafted in natural language. An example of question and required data would be: I want to go to the gym and I have to check of the weather will allow me to go out again and I also need to find a gym close to home.

The implementation of the PoC combines a "user Centric" informational model and the choice of relevant AI tools for Smart ID. It uses artificial neural networks to understand user needs and improve their profiling. It led to the realization of a model (95% accuracy) of Deep Learning, independent of applications and data.

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