Sophia Antipolis, 22 February 2023

During the 17th meeting of ETSI’s Securing AI Industry Specification Group, Scott Cadzow from Cadzow Communications, was elected as the new Chair.

His vision is to confirm ISG SAI as the European Union’s and Standards Development Organizations’ centre of excellence in the topic of securing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

AI is, or is likely to become, endemic. All reasonably complex software will eventually include AI elements and he is convinced that ETSI is well placed to become thought leader on the role of AI and, particularly, the role of standards for AI, addressing the challenges to standardization of the forthcoming AI Act.

Artificial Intelligence has to be secure but it cannot only be secure - it has to be safe, it has to be societal, it has to be suitable. The “S” in SAI can be expanded to have all of these meanings. Whilst the boundaries of AI are uncertain, and the definition of what is meant by secure is also uncertain, the group will ensure that they address the purpose and intent of AI by working on security of AI respecting the roles of safety, suitability and society in using AI. This will ensure at all times the suitability of standards for the market.

ETSI’s Technical Bodies cannot be exclusive. As many groups in ETSI, and in the industries their members represent, use or will use AI, ISG SAI will seek to increase collaboration with all relevant stakeholders to make AI meet the promise of SAI.