ETSI unveils 2022 Fellows rewarding outstanding personal contribution

Sophia Antipolis, 6 April 2022

ETSI is pleased to unveil its 2022 ETSI Fellows. The Award committee, composed of the GA Chair and Vice-Chairs, the Board Chair and the ETSI Director-General, unanimously nominated Dr. Diego López, Dr. Günter Kleindl, Mr. Larry Taylor and Mr. Lindsay Cornell as ETSI Fellows for their outstanding personal contributions to the organization.

Diego fellows Mar22Dr. Diego López is Head of Technology Exploration and Standards, at the GCTIO Unit of Telefonica in Spain. Diego has been especially active in the ETSI Network Transformation initiatives, being among the original proponents of the seminal ISG NFV, and since then taking part in its leadership. He chaired the group for four years and is currently the Chair of the ETSI ISG ZSM (Zero touch network and Service Management).


Guenter fellows Mar22Dr. Günter Kleindl is a Standardization Manager at OVE in Austria. He has been a key player in the DECT standards community since 1987. In 1989, he led the ETSI team which developed the DECT base standard that was first published in 1992. He is currently the Chair of the ETSI technical committee DECT and has been instrumental to achieve the ITU-R approval of the new DECT-2020 standard as an IMT-2020 technology in 2022.


Larry fellows Mar22Larry Taylor, now retired, was a former Consultant at Discrete Time Communications in the United Kingdom. Larry has spent much of his career working to obtain spectrum for new or emerging communications technologies and supporting spectrum requests with industry and international standards. The work on HIPERLAN in ETSI supported the initial designation of 5GHz spectrum on which today’s professional WLAN market is built.


Lindsay fellows Mar22Lindsay Cornell is a Principal Systems Architect at BBC Design + Engineering in the United Kingdom. Lindsay is a pioneer of digital broadcasting technologies. In 1997, he chaired the ETSI group that developed the standard interfaces for the nascent Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) transmission equipment. He was instrumental in bringing the standards for Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) and RadioDNS hybrid radio into ETSI.

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