ASIA PKI Consortium signs MoU with ETSI

Sophia Antipolis, 2 December 2021

During the ETSI General Assembly, ASIA PKI and ETSI signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to structure and strengthen the relationship between both organizations and foster a closer relationship.

APKIC aims at promoting interoperability among PKIs in the Asia and Oceania region and to activate e-commerce utilizing PKIs in the region. The consortium also promotes the development of international PKI interoperability by strengthening the cooperation between Asian countries with PKI systems, policies, standards in America, and Europe. The consortium was established in year 2001 with an extensive focus on creating awareness and encouraging adoption of PKI technology. Today, the group has members from more than 10 Asian economies contributing continuously for the advancement of cyber security through PKI.

This MoU will allow APKIC to reuse the standards from the ETSI Technical Committee Electronic Signatures and Infrastructures on Trust Service Providers.