ETSI publishes new Work Programme

Sophia Antipolis, 9 June 2021

ETSI is pleased to release its 2021-2022 Work Programme.

“Innovation never stands still. At ETSI our #1 priority is supporting our members’ standardization needs as they embrace the opportunities and challenges of a fast-evolving digital ecosystem. Now in our fourth decade as a European Standards Organization, we are keener than ever to explore new working methods while broadening the scope of our own activities to reflect our members’ interests” says Luis Jorge Romero introducing this Work Programme.

The scale and complexity of modern network management is rapidly outstripping the ability of human beings to accomplish manually. We are accordingly seeing increased automation of functions. The global ICT industry’s direction of travel is apparent in ETSI’s own standardization activities, where our members are actively exploring topics including virtualization, ‘zero touch’ management and a shifting of computing resources toward the network’s edge. In AI and Machine Learning, key technologies in tomorrow’s networks, we are developing standards that will allow AI mechanisms to help operators make actionable decisions that ultimately benefit the experience of networks’ end users.

Computing resources and the data they exchange are increasingly hosted in the cloud, exposing ICT infrastructures to security flaws. As an internationally recognized centre of excellence in cybersecurity standardization, ETSI works closely with all stakeholders to build balanced market-driven solutions while encouraging technological innovation to thrive.

This Work Programme demonstrates the scale and diversity of ETSI’s standardization activities. To know more about them and keep up to date with new initiatives and specifications, read our Work Programme here.