ETSI participates to IEEE Workshop on Autonomic/Autonomous Networking

Sophia Antipolis, 20 January 2021

The ETSI Working Group on the evolution of management toward Autonomic Future Internet (AFI) has been invited at the Systems Optimization Imperatives, Techniques, and Opportunities for Future Networks virtual workshop organized by IEEE on 21, 22 and 25 January.

This workshop will explore current technological advancements in Autonomic/Autonomous Networking and Artificial Intelligence (AI) approaches for Autonomics. It will also cover industrial deployment of Autonomics paradigms, e.g. Self-Organizing Networks (SON) for Radio Access Networks, Autonomics use cases, as well as associated research challenges. The event will help identify existing Autonomics standards and share Information on industry deployments experiences with Autonomics related technologies.  

Several members of the Technical Committee Interoperability Testing (TC INT) and its working group AFI will introduce GANA Autonomics, as well as the concept of ETSI GANA Knowledge Plane Platforms and their role in evolving future networks. Autonomic Management and Control (AMC) of 5G Networks will be demonstrated with the ETSI 5G Proof-of-Concept (PoC) Project. Testing AI and AI in test systems, a key topic covered by the ETSI technical committee, will be presented as well. 

Attendees will also share insights on the value and need for R&D communities to continue carrying out their research and innovations on Autonomics solutions. They will focus on standardized frameworks such as the ETSI GANA Framework, providing feedback to standardization groups and to industry roadmaps on Autonomic/Autonomous networks.

The ETSI GANA Framework developed by the ETSI TC INT has proven to be a very successful EC’s Use Case on transforming Autonomics related concepts from EU’s Research-Funded projects to standardization, thanks to EC-funded projects who contributed to the work. One of the outcomes was the Autonomics-based 5G PoC programme enabling Autonomic /Autonomous Networking to be “Operation-Ready”. 

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