The Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation signs MoU with ETSI

Sophia Antipolis, 20 January 2021

On 7 January, the Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF) signed a Memorandum for Understanding (MoU) with ETSI.

AEF is an organization funded by agricultural machinery companies and business-related companies like electronic suppliers in order to provide technical and procedural methods to enable open communication and interfacing between electronic systems of different machinery from independent manufacturers. Today eight manufacturers and three associations are working as core members together with 220 general members. They work to improve cross-manufacturer compatibility of electronic and electric components in agricultural equipment, and to establish transparency about compatibility issues.

AEF intends to provide the necessary resources and appropriate know-how so that important technical challenges concerning electronic and electrical systems in agricultural technology and farming can be jointly addressed by the industry to the benefit of the end-customer.

AEF will contribute to the work of several ETSI groups, including those involved in cybersecurity, radio matters, intelligent transport systems and testing. Some ETSI members coming from the agricultural sector have already directly contributed to ETSI’s activities through smartM2M, the SAREF extension for agrifood or automotive or recently for applicability and compliance to data processing requirements in our Permissioned Distributed Ledger (PDL) group. This MoU will foster a closer relationship and enable work towards the establishment of a dedicated community on ICT for agricultural applications in ETSI.