ETSI virtual conference on boosting the impact of research & innovation through standardization

Sophia Antipolis, 6 November 2020

Standardized commercial products and services substantially contribute to the overall global economy and quality of life of citizens around the world.

Join ETSI and TelecomTV for a two-day virtual conference focused on the Research Innovation Standards Ecosystem and Research Opportunities in Standards.

The virtual event will take place on 24 and 25 November, and each of the two days will comprise multiple sessions, including presentations and panel discussions followed by LIVE Q&A sessions where you'll be able to interact and ask your questions to the experts.

Speakers will come from the most significant actors involved in the ICT research, innovation and standards ecosystem. The discussion will also examine the evolution of research and standards as we move from 5G deployments and will address innovative research for new technologies and use cases to be used in the 6G era.

You will have the opportunity to hear experts from the European Commission, 5G-IA, NGMN, 3GPP, Networld2020, renowned universities, Horizon project leaders, ETSI technical groups and many more.

Some of the topics will cover the status of EU research, future research plans and programs, 3GPP status, research roadmaps and agendas, the research and innovation landscape as we move towards B5G and 6G, ETSI’s research offering and tools for researchers to name a few.

Of particular interest will be the ‘technical deep dive’ examining 3 research projects (THz, Security, AI) with the corresponding ETSI standards groups and discussing what can be done to practically welcome the research results into ETSI standards groups. Register here!

To know more about the full agenda and register for free, see our website. And tweet live: #ICTresearch