ETSI Fifth Generation Fixed Network White Paper paves the way for Fibre to Everywhere and Everything

Sophia Antipolis, 30 September 2020

The ETSI ISG F5G (Fifth Generation Fixed Network) has released a White Paper that sets the scene for the evolution of on-premise, fixed access, and aggregation networks. In this White Paper, ETSI presents the vision, value, use cases, features, and technologies of F5G, aiming to foster a global effort to realize its full potential.

Fibre networks are the foundation of the twin transitions (green and digital) of our society, providing sustainable and cost-efficient communication with high bandwidth, stability, reliability and reduced latency, enabling a sustainable economic growth through advanced services and applications for users, businesses, and industries. Next generation fixed networks are essential for complementing and supporting the 5G/Wi-Fi 6 wireless networks being deployed across the world, that would be hardly viable without F5G, as well as supporting the growing number of cloud services that require high bandwidth and/or low latency connections. Building on previous generations, F5G is being designed to bring unprecedented benefits to fixed networks and communications, similar to what 5G has brought to mobile.

Key takeaways of the ETSI White Paper include:

  • A status on the evolution of on-premise, fixed access, and aggregation networks.
  • How ETSI ISG F5G allows a closer coordination between these networks that can be regarded as a single extensive optical network.
  • A general description of the main characteristics of ISG F5G, enabling use cases such as Cloud VR, Cloud Desktop, Cloud-enterprise, online gaming, online education, online medicine, Smart home, Smart factory, and Smart city, and the support for the evolution of 5G networks.
  • The main features of ISG F5G as Enhanced Fixed Broadband (eFBB), Full-Fibre Connection (FFC) and Guaranteed Reliable Experience (GRE).
  • How F5G allows moving in the directions of network simplification, cost-efficient ODN buildout, end-to-end management, and the adaptation to the cloud age.

To learn more about F5G read the full ETSI White Paper on our website.