Sophia Antipolis, 26 August 2020

The ETSI IP6 Industry Specification Group has just released a White Paper on the lessons learned from IPv6 best practices, use cases, benefits and deployment challenges. This White Paper puts forward recommendations to ease the adoption of IPv6 and to motivate the industry for the upcoming large-scale deployment of IoT, 4G/5G, IoT Cloud Computing benefiting from the restoration of the end to-end model.

Over 1.2 billion Internet citizens are using IPv6 today without even knowing it. India has over 358 million IPv6 users with 60% penetration and China has over 200 million while the US has over 143 million. Brazil reached 50 million, Japan has 43 million and Germany has over 30 million. Some countries are topping 60% IPv6 penetration. The remaining 40% lies in the hands of the enterprise world to fulfil the complete adoption of IPv6 enabling the ultimate switch to IPv6-Only Internet. This will allow the deprecation of the IPv4 Internet as recommended recently by the US Government, reducing thereby the maintenance of two Internets.

The management of the enterprises should look at reducing CAPEX and OPEX by studying the best practices of the top Internet technology enterprises that have already implemented IPv6-Only inhouse with far greater benefits expected by the adoption of IPv6.

Key takeaways of this White Paper include:

  • Why IPv6 is becoming a priority with technologies such as 5G, cloud or IoT.
  • Why IPv6 is growing faster than IPv4 in all measures including number of users, percentage of content, and amount of traffic.
  • How a large number of cloud service providers and operators have successfully deployed and used IPv6, with practical guidelines for deployment and use cases.
  • Why applications such as autonomous vehicles, smart grid, industrial factory automation, process control, and building automation will greatly benefit from IPv6-enabled M2M communications.
  • Why IPv6 Enhanced Innovations for future technologies like 5G, Low-Power radios, SDN/NFV, Deterministic Networking, Cloud Computing, will benefit the whole industry.

To learn more about IPV6 read the full ETSI White Paper on our website or register for free to our webinar on 14 September, 10 am CEST.