ETSI C-V2X Plugtest achieves interoperability success rate of 94%

Sophia Antipolis, 18 August 2020

ETSI has just released the report of its 2nd C-V2X Plugtests event organized remotely in partnership with the 5GAA the last week of July. The 81 remote participants benefited from ETSI’s remote lab to run their sessions in their own labs. Observers from different organizations witnessed the execution of 288 test sessions based on the ETSI test specification ETSI TS 103 600, and interoperability results were reported in the Test reporting tool. An overall interoperability success rate of 94% was achieved.

This event enabled ITS stations and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) vendors to assess the level of interoperability of their implementation and validate the understanding of the ETSI Intelligent Transport System security standards.

C-V2X is a service using mobile communication technology for direct communication as well as network communication between vehicles, from vehicle to pedestrian and from vehicle to infrastructure. This edition also focused on testing direct communication between devices in order to support industry in the in the Cooperative ITS (C-ITS) deployment in Europe.

In January, ETSI has published a European standard EN 303 613 defining the use of C-V2X as an access layer technology for Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) devices. ETSI standards that define other ITS protocols above the access layer have also been updated to support utilization of C-V2X as the underlying access layer. They are all included in ETSI TR 101 607, enabling the development of interoperable C-V2X ITS implementations and devices from multiple vendors. The report is available via our website.