ETSI issues New White Paper on Artificial Intelligence

Sophia Antipolis, 29 June 2020

ETSI is pleased to unveil a new White Paper on Artificial Intelligence (AI). This White Paper explores key issues of AI that present both huge opportunities and new challenges for information and communication technologies (ICT).

This ETSI White Paper surveys the many technical activities in ETSI that consider AI. They include 5G systems, network optimization, privacy/security, data management, semantic interoperability and testing across all areas. Each area is considering the use of aspects of AI, including Health and Human Factors scenarios. Key references from other bodies are included for global context.

During the current Covid-19 crisis, governments have relied on fast ICT and quick analysis of data to aid decision-making regarding imposing socially and economically harsh measures. This confused and distressing environment has encouraged many people to consider in a positive light the role of AI in the handling of medical and societal information. AI has also helped deliver quality telecom services during traffic peaks.  Government decisions have been seen to depend on the quality of information available and, at present, data modelling and processing is barely adequate to the enormous task of coping with the pandemic. The reliability and timeliness of advice must be improved and Big Data, AI and ICT clearly have a significant role to play. The energy and drive to develop AI is likely to continue to grow as the society faces great challenges in data management and care of its citizens.

The increasing use of AI is impacting global business and private lives. It involves both huge opportunities and associated risks. As is demonstrated in this White Paper, standardization by ETSI and other SDOs has a major role to play in future deployments of AI. The global trend now forming seeks to establish AI for the future benefit of all, observing the fundamental, ethical values as expressed by the European Union and other international, governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Read the full White Paper on our website.