Successful ETSI virtual Security Week 2020 with over 4000 viewers

Sophia Antipolis, 24 June 2020

The ETSI virtual Security Week 2020, that took place from 8 June to 23 June, successfully closed with a record audience of more than 4000 viewers joining from over 50 countries. Speakers and moderators comprised a variety of stakeholders ranging from global telco operators, vendors and academia to security organizations and other standards bodies.

The 14 webinars focused four  key topics around cybersecurity: how to deploy 5G securely in different market sectors, the Cybersecurity Act and the future European Standard developed by ETSI on security for IoT consumer devices, insights into the new Smart Secure Platform, as well as its requirements and impact on the ecosystem and advanced cryptography with quantum-safe cryptography, the technical evolution of the TETRA standard and fully homomorphic encryption.

Presentations displayed a good balance between high level and technical topics and the content provision and led to high interaction with very dynamic and challenging Q&A and panel sessions.

The ETSI events and communication teams who organized and supported this event comment: “Going virtual was a challenge for various reasons: Would the audience accept this new concept, would they interact, would the system not fail us? As we are going through an unprecedented situation with Covid-19, most attendees were teleworking, being busy with eMeetings, but in the meantime saving time and money from not travelling. It was also an opportunity for attendees who cannot usually travel to join and to open the event to a broad audience. Cybersecurity is a hot topic and 5G deployment raises many questions, all of these motives gave us a great attendance rate. On the downside, nothing replaces our annual Security Week physical event where you can exchange face-to-face, chat during coffee breaks, meet new people and network with peers in our facilities…generally accompanied by sunshine further lifting the mood.

ETSI would like to thank all speakers and attendees for this very fruitful virtual event and we hope to see many of you next year in our premises in the South of France for the ETSI 2021 Security Week!

In the meantime, if you missed some of the sessions, please visit our website and access all recorded presentations. You can also download the PDF slide sets.