Sophia Antipolis, 12 June 2020

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Our virtual Security Week started this Monday, 8 June and will end on 19 June with nearly 50 speakers discussing the latest updates and challenges of four different key topics around cybersecurity in 14 webinars.

The first week sessions had a record audience of more than 2100 viewers from over 50 countries. The sessions reached a top 5 rating from participants. Numerous questions reflected the high interest from the audience and brought interactivity to the webinars. The variety of topics included the smart secure platform, 5G deployment, IoT security for consumer products and advanced cryptography.

In the Smart Secure Platform sessions, officials from the Technical Committee in charge, TC SCP, set the scene and explained the reasons for developing this new security platform, its requirements and impact on the ecosystem as well as the current state of testing and why certification is needed.

5G deployment investigated how to securely switch from a 4G or non-standalone architecture to a standalone architecture, giving recommendations for mobile operators on how to implement 5G networks. 5G security for verticals addressed other sectors including campuses, factories, the medical sector or connected autonomous vehicles.

Other speakers also introduced the future European Standard,  EN 303 645 developed by ETSI on security for IoT consumer devices and its certification schemes which should help consumers make security-conscious purchasing decisions.

The last webinar in the ETSI Standardization in Advanced Cryptography introduced Attribute-Based Encryption (ABE), Identity-Based Encryption (IBE), and their related standardization efforts in ETSI, including a quantum-safe hierarchical IBE scheme.

If you missed this first week Security Week event, you may listen to recorded presentations. And remember to register for the forthcoming sessions, where we will discuss more on deploying 5G securely, the Cybersecurity Act and even more advanced cryptography.

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