ETSI Security Week 2020 goes virtual!

14 live webinars with cybersecurity global experts from 8-19 June - Register here

Sophia Antipolis, 18 May 2020

From 8-19 June, nearly 50 security experts will walk you through the latest updates and challenges of four different key topics around cybersecurity: how to deploy 5G securely, the Cybersecurity Act, insights into the new Smart Secure Platform and advanced cryptography. High level executives from global telco operators, vendors, academia, security organizations such as ENISA or the National Cyber Security Center, other standards bodies such as GSMA or 3GPP, to name a few, will unfold their presentations, ready to answer your questions as the event goes on.

5G deployment will investigate how to securely switch from a 4G or non-standalone architecture to a standalone architecture, giving recommendations for mobile operators on how to implement 5G networks. 5G security for verticals will address other sectors including campuses, factories, the medical sector or connected autonomous vehicles. Other speakers will give an update on 5G security evolution, where we stand now, ongoing developments and will outline security challenges and regulatory aspects.

Europe issued the Cybersecurity Act, ENISA and the European Commission will provide an update on the Act. We will also introduce the future European Standard developed by ETSI on security for IoT consumer devices and its certification schemes which should help consumers make security-conscious purchasing decisions. 5G network certification will provide a status of the policy and industry actions to enable effective security and trust in 5G networks.

As the SIM card was standardized by ETSI, it has gone through various evolutions leading to a new Smart Secure Platform developed in the same Technical Committee. Its experts will set the scene and explain the reasons for developing this new security platform, its requirements and impact on the ecosystem as well as the current state of testing and why certification is needed. They will go into deeper technical details addressing the upcoming standards.

With an undoubtedly pervasive connectivity, advanced cryptography is of essence to protect the billions of data going around the planet every day. Presentations on this topic will include quantum-safe cryptography, the technical evolution of the TETRA standard with the first performance results of Latte, or fully homomorphic encryption. Industry applications and use cases for advanced cryptography will represent the practical side of this session.

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