Second ETSI C-V2X interoperability test event, remote, to connect vehicles in Europe and in the rest of the world

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Sophia Antipolis, 5 May 2020

ETSI, in partnership with the 5GAA, is organizing the second “Cellular-Vehicle-to-Everything” (C-V2X) PlugtestsTM event. It will be held remotely, from 20 to 31 July 2020. ETSI has recently setup a remote lab for all participants, it leverages the ETSI Hub for Interoperability and Validation (HIVE) to interconnect participants’ labs and allow for multi-party interoperability testing.

The HIVE allows the secure interconnection of remote sites to ETSI and offers seamless access among connected sites and local infrastructure at ETSI. The Hub also supports remote participation to Plugtests on many different technologies and pre‐testing phases on complex Plugtests events.

C-V2X is a service using mobile communication technology for direct communication as well as network communication between vehicles, from vehicle to pedestrian and from vehicle to infrastructure. This second C-V2X Plugtests event will focus on testing ITS security features and will enable CV2X device vendors and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) vendors to run interoperability test sessions to assess the level of interoperability of their implementation and validate the understanding of the standards. This edition will also focus on testing direct communication between devices in order to support industry in the Cooperative ITS (C-ITS) deployment in Europe and the EU Security Policy & Governance Framework for Deployment and Operation of European Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS).

The goal of interoperability testing is to check that implementations of devices with different form factors can work together and provide the functionalities specified in the standards. In the case of vehicle connectivity, it’s all the more important as we are dealing with the safety of people.

In January, ETSI has released a European standard ETSI EN 303 613 defining the use of C-V2X as an access layer technology for Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) devices. ETSI standards that define other ITS protocols above the access layer have also been updated to support utilization of C-V2X as the underlying access layer. They are all included in ETSI TR 101 607, enabling the development of interoperable C-V2X ITS implementations and devices from multiple vendors.