How and why SMEs get involved in ETSI

Sophia Antipolis, 2 April 2020

Within ETSI, small and medium enterprises account for more than 25% of our membership, they represent 35 nationalities and over 50% of them hold official positions in our technical groups.

ETSI's SME members clearly experience benefits in participating directly within ETSI’s technical groups and recognize that standardization can be a real opportunity to increase their competitive advantage and to gain recognition and new possibilities for collaboration. Keeping up to date with the latest European and global standards gives them a unique chance to develop products in parallel to the standards development and ensure technical compatibility and interoperability, which in turn paves the way for a greater market outreach.

In a new ETSI video, several of our SME members express all the benefits of participating in ETSI via testimonials. In addition to the video, a new brochure is also available to encourage other SMEs and Micro Enterprises to become part of our community and to explain how they can join!

Discover these testimonials by watching the video on: