ETSI’s group on IPv6 extended to release V2X and security reports

Sophia Antipolis, 23 August 2019

The ETSI Industry Specification Group working on IPv6 (ISG IP6) has been extended until December 2020 in order to complete an IPv6-based vehicular networking report and a report on IPv6 security, cybersecurity and privacy.

The ETSI ISG IP6 has already released 7 Group Reports that cover very sensitive areas for the deployment of IPv6. They address 6TiSCH interoperability test specifications, IPv6-based 5G mobile wireless internet deployment, the deployment of IPv6-based SDN and NFV, IPv6-based industrial internet leveraging 6TiSCH technology, the deployment of IPv6-based Internet of Things, the generic migration steps from IPv4 to IPv6 and the IPv6 deployment in the enterprise.

IPv6 was developed to address IPv4 address exhaustion in some parts of the world and enable new internet services with improved end to end security. With the Internet of Things and the growing number of connected devices round the world, IPv6 becomes a necessity.

IPv6 uses a 128-bit address, allowing 2128 addresses, that is more than 70287899999999000007.9×1028 times as many as IPv4, this much larger address space should be sufficient for the foreseeable future. IPv6 also offers many other benefits and enhanced features compared to IPv4, such as simplified processing by routers, Quality of Service, security, IP mobility, etc. But it must cope with the demand and anticipate the full expansion of internet requirements in all parts of the world, without creating a digital divide, providing everyone and all industries with the IP addresses they need.