ETSI Open Source MANO gets ready for upcoming Hackfest and 5G Day

Sophia Antipolis, 16 January 2019

A few weeks after the successful launch of Release FIVE, ETSI OSM gets ready for its Hackfest event taking place on 4-8 February 2019 in Barcelona. 

The event will be hosted by Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC) near Barcelona and co-located with the OSM Mid-Release SIX meeting, a Sonata NFV Hackfest, and the OSM 5G Day, offering a great opportunity for participants to share their experience and expertise, and explore further opportunities for synergy and collaboration with 5G research activities.

The OSM Mid-Release SIX meeting will gather OSM experts from all over the world to discuss new proposals, progress and fine-tune the design of major upcoming features and run some early demonstrations of most advanced capabilities currently under development for OSM Release SIX (expected by June 2019).

The 5th OSM Hackfest, the first one fully featuring Release FIVE, will allow new users to get familiar with OSM and exercise main functionalities, from the basics (installation, setup, common operations, etc.), to system troubleshooting, fault and performance management and advanced modelling activities, including 5G network slicing and cross-domain service orchestration, with a large focus on VNF on-boarding activities covering Day 0/1/2 operations.

In addition, experienced users and developers will have the opportunity to build complex examples, fine-tune, test and demonstrate experimental features on different VIMs and NFV infrastructures thanks to the OSM Remote Labs network.

The OSM Hackfest gathers a wide range of OSM developers and users, including VNF providers, system integrators, service providers, academia, universities, research bodies and major players in the OSM Ecosystem.

5G Day: OSM & 5G Research

Wednesday, 6 February, will be fully dedicated to 5G Research: key projects in the OSM Ecosystem such as METRO-HAUL, MATILDA, 5GTANGO, 5GCity and 5GMEDIA will present their work, challenges and the role of OSM to achieve 5G use cases and end to end service orchestration. The presentations will be followed by a panel to discuss potential evolutions and further opportunities for collaboration. Register at: OSM-5G Day Barcelona