ETSI TC Cyber hosts webinar series for European Cyber Security Month

Sophia Antipolis, 24 September 2018

To coincide with European Cyber Security Month, ETSI’s most security-focused Technical Committee (TC CYBER) is hosting a series of weekly webinars throughout October. Presented by leading specialists within ETSI’s security groups, the webinars will address key topics including the Middlebox Security Protocol, Attribute-Based Encryption, and Quantum-Safe Cryptography, as well as providing an overview of the current status of standardization work within TC CYBER.  

TC CYBER is recognized worldwide as a major trusted centre of expertise offering market-driven cyber security standardization solutions, advice and guidance to users, manufacturers, network infrastructure and service operators, and regulators. The first webinar, presented by TC CYBER chairman, Alex Leadbeater, on Monday 8 October will provide an introductory overview of the committee’s standardization activities. Areas covered will include: protection of personal data and communications; IoT security and privacy; security of individuals, enterprises and critical infrastructure; forensic activities; and support for government activities and EU legislation. At the end there will be an opportunity for attendees to put questions to the TC CYBER chairman.

The second webinar, on Monday 15 October, will explain ETSI’s Middlebox Security Protocol (MSP) standards. These describe a new approach to network security using middleboxes for layered defence and for management of secure enterprise networks without infringing user privacy. The MSP standards are devised to protect networks while giving control of user data back to the users, enabling them to make an informed choice.

The webinar on Tuesday 23 October covers the use of Attribute-Based Encryption for access control and personal data protection. ABE bundles strong confidentiality with very flexible access control policies. The presentation will outline the challenges related to access control and protection of personal data, specifically in relation to the EU GDPR. It describes the ABE toolkit developed in ETSI TC CYBER and how this can address those challenges, helping organizations to meet the strong regulatory requirements on the protection of personal data.

The last webinar in the series, on Monday 29 October, will cover Quantum-Safe Cryptography (QSC) in TC CYBER. Starting from the premise that quantum computing will ultimately render useless the public key cryptography standards with which we secure communications today, the QSC working group is publishing standards that will secure data in a world where quantum computers exist. The webinar will cover quantum computing and its impact on current security practices, together with what is being done within TC CYBER QSC to address these risks.

All the webinars can be accessed via