Sophia Antipolis, 11 May 2017

With over 50% of the worldwide population living in urban areas, making smart cities sustainable is a key urban development goal.

2017-06-Smart-cities-WSTo tackle this challenge, ETSI is organizing a workshop on 7-8 June 2017, Bordeaux, France, together with showcases and demonstrations, in partnership with Bordeaux Metropole, eG4u and the Sharing Cities Project. This two-day event is hosted by Bordeaux Metropole and the City of Bordeaux and supported by the European Commission and Eurocities, a network of over 140 European cities. Speakers and participating organizations originate from both public and private sectors. They will look into key global implementations and will examine major technology and social challenges that need to be faced in order to roll out smart city services.

Offering sustainable and resilient new services for citizens and cities implies huge investments on the long term. Therefore large scale deployments have to be standards-based to prevent vendor lock-in and need to include key indicators to evaluate and evolve technology maturity. The topics addressed during the workshop will help identify the main technology trends for smart cities, taking into account major industry initiatives.

In Bordeaux, the mayor implemented the Bordeaux Digital City programme, aligned with COP 21 requirements”, says Christophe Colinet, chair of the ETSI working group on Sustainable Digital Multiservice Cities. “As a city, it was important to be involved in the standardization process as we foresee long term implementation and investment.

The first day of the event will describe trials and field developments in various locations including the cities of Bordeaux and Milan, ongoing projects in Eurocities, and projects funded by the European Commission. It will also provide an overview of urban data platforms: the digital networking of various ICT solutions in urban areas. The second day will address IoT and sustainable ICT deployments and how to bring innovation to the eco system level with a focus on smart home, smart buildings and smart cities.

Attendees will have the chance to view multi-vendor showcase projects, offering first-hand knowledge and insight about sustainable smart city technologies. These showcases will help strengthen strategic planning and decision-making, and identify which digital solutions may be more viable in the cities. Showcases will cover technologies and solutions such as centralized energy or traffic controls as well as optical fiber home networks.
Whether you are a city planner, an ICT engineer, a designer, an electrical contractor, a solution provider, a policy-maker, an academic, a standards expert or any other stakeholder involved in a smart city project, come and join us at this exciting event!

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