Sophia Antipolis, 10 February 2017

ETSI today announced that the new ETSI Industry Specification Group on Context Information Management (ISG CIM), had a successful first general meeting with 12 companies and organizations taking part. Definition of common specifications for Context Information Management will enable interoperability between applications or processes across various domains. The initial ISG CIM scope includes smart cities, smart agriculture/food and smart industry.

Dr. Lindsay Frost of NEC Laboratories Europe was elected as chairman and Dr. Cathy Mulligan, who holds positions in Future Cities Catapult and in Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC), was chosen as vice-chairperson. Participants of the meeting decided on a stringent timetable to consolidate essential use cases in the next 3 months and to publish for public review, within 6 months, a draft specification for smart city information exchange.

Dr. Mulligan explained from the smart cities viewpoint: "Hundreds of pilots and trials are already running world-wide, using diverse technologies to help cities be more efficient and more responsive to needs of citizens, as well as to meet requirements on energy saving or environmental issues and security. Over a hundred Smart Cities are already committed to contributing to this CIM standards group because we recognize that the key problem of interoperability is hampering the development of a smart cities market."

Dr. Frost emphasized that "We are looking for the optimal existing solution or solutions, not trying to invent or impose new ones." The ISG CIM has resolved to work with major standards developing organizations such as oneM2M, ETSI TC SmartM2M, as well as global fora such as FIWARE Foundation and GSM Association to bring users and implementers together.

The full list of organizations supporting ISG CIM can be found at:

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