Sophia Antipolis, 1 September 2016

ETSI is pleased to announce that the first ETSI MEC PoC Zone will be part of MEC World Congress, taking place from 20 to 22 September 2016 in Munich.

This area will be dedicated to the demonstration of six different Mobile Edge Computing Proofs of Concept (MEC PoCs) accepted by the ETSI Mobile Edge Computing Industry Specification Group.

ETSI’s Mobile Edge Computing group has developed a MEC PoC framework to coordinate and promote multi-vendor Proofs of Concept illustrating key aspects of its work. These proofs of concept will help to develop a diverse, open, MEC ecosystem. Their results are fed back to the MEC Industry Specification Group.

This demonstration zone located in front of the exhibition zone represents a unique opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge and insight on Mobile Edge Computing technology. It should contribute to strengthen the strategic planning and decision-making of organizations, helping them identify which MEC solutions may be viable in the network.

The zone will showcase the following Proofs of Concept:

  • RAVEN - Radio Aware Video Optimization in a Fully Virtualized Network (Telecom Italia - Intel UK Corporation - Eurecom - Politecnico di Torino)
  • FLIPS - Flexible IP-based Services (InterDigital - Bristol is Open - Intracom - CVTC - Essex University)
  • Enterprise Services (Saguna - ADVA Optical Networking - Bezeq International)
  • Healthcare – Dynamic Hospital User, IoT and Alert Status Management (Quortus Ltd - Argela - Turk Telecom)
  • Multi-Service MEC Platform for Advanced Service Delivery (Brocade - Gigaspaces - Advantech - Saguna - Vasona - Vodafone)
  • Video Analytics (Nokia - SeeTec - Vodafone Hutchison Australia)

Come and visit the ETSI stand to know more about MEC, standardization and ETSI activities at large and remember to join us at the typical Bavarian Breakfast ETSI is organizing on 21 September, in the morning!