Sophia Antipolis, 12 May 2016

This week ETSI focused on moving “From Research to Standardization”, with a workshop bringing together research and standardization stakeholders in the context of the European Union’s H2020 research programme.

The objective was to pave the way for researchers to downstream their results into standardization and to interact with the industrial experts in the standardization community.

Workshop sessions focused on enabling technology for 5G mobile systems, future network architecture and virtualization techniques for 5G. Keynote speeches were complemented by lively technical discussions. In particular expert speakers were invited to talk about their vision, policies and the standardization ecosystem. Live demonstrations and poster sessions were held in parallel and fostered interesting networking exchanges.

The event led to the identification of specific fields for potential new activities in ETSI. These include fog/edge computing as an extension of current ETSI NFV and ETSI MEC work, cross-domain orchestration for commercial and technical domains, x-hauling: combining front-haul and back-haul in future mobile networks, and tactile networking offering ultra-low latency, high availability and security.