Sophia Antipolis, 19 April 2016

During its 67th General Assembly on 19 April 2016, ETSI signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Eurosmart. This agreement will enrich the ecosystem of security-related issues in ETSI and help to ensure the security robustness of next generation (5G) telecommunications networks.

Eurosmart is a Brussels based industry association of global technology providers with a strong expertise in the management of digital security within hostile environments. Eurosmart advocates the use of hardware with strong security functions. The association expresses recommendations on the best ways to secure content, and supports the deployment of certified and standardized solutions that integrate security and privacy by design features.

Sharing a common view on the importance of the role of ETSI in the European Commission’s ICT standardization rolling plan and the European Union’s Digital Single Market, both organizations will develop collaborative activities in various ways. They will identify experts working on similar issues within their respective working bodies, in order to establish a bridge between EU legislative and political initiatives, primarily followed by Eurosmart, and standardization mandates and activities, ETSI’s area of interest.

Eurosmart annual forecast indicates that more than 9 billion secure element units will be shipped worldwide in 2016, out of which nearly 60% are based on ETSI SIM card and UICC card standards, developed by ETSI’s Technical Committee for the Smart Card Platform (TC SCP).

Timothée Mangenot, Eurosmart president declares: “Eurosmart is proud to sign a cooperation agreement with ETSI and work closely with their stakeholders, as some of our key applications for Secure Element are relying on ETSI standards. These include digital signatures, 2G, 3G, 4G, cybersecurity, Single Wire Protocol used in NFC architecture or cryptographic algorithms for telecommunication.

About Eurosmart
Eurosmart gathers global technology providers with a strong expertise in the management of digital security within hostile environments. All its members have common European roots and take pride in their support to the achievement of the European Union’s Digital Single Market. They joined the association to help carrying the voice of the digital security industry, and are committed to ensuring that Europe builds on their worldwide leadership and expertise. Eurosmart is based in Brussels where it has had a permanent office for over twenty years.

About ETSI
ETSI produces globally-applicable standards for Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), including fixed, mobile, radio, aeronautical, broadcast and internet technologies and is officially recognized by the European Union as a European Standards Organization. ETSI is an independent, not-for-profit association whose over 800 member companies and organizations, drawn from 66 countries, determine its work programme and participate directly in its work.

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