Sophia Antipolis, 18 December 2015

Showcasing oneM2M specifications implemented around the world

To address the M2M and IoT market, ETSI held its annual M2M Workshop featuring the oneM2M Showcase from 9 to 11 December in its headquarters at Sophia Antipolis, France. The programme included a wide range of presentations, exciting panel sessions, live surveys as well as demonstrations implementing oneM2M specifications.

With the relentless expansion and importance of IoT (Internet of Things) applications in our daily lives, this workshop was a must-attend event for anyone involved in IoT standardization. Participants came from various industries, academia, standardization bodies and the European Commission. There was a special focus on smart cities and smart living.

Sessions included interactive presentations covering market and industry trends for IoT, platforms, architectures and semantic interoperability. The focus on smart cities and smart living looked at current standards being used, as well as feedback from implementation and large-scale projects, such as the Busan smart city project in Korea based on oneM2M standards. Other presentations included an introduction to the newly released ETSI specification on a reference ontology for Smart Appliances (SAREF).

In parallel with the workshop, a set of multi-party demonstrations presented oneM2M standards in action in domains as varied as eHealth, intelligent transport, connected vehicles, energy management and smartphone management.

Delegates were surveyed at the event on the most urgent needs for smart city deployments. These were considered to be semantic interoperability across different verticals, cost-effective connectivity for sensors and actuators, integration with other systems (banking, maps, open data, etc.) and cross‐platform interoperability within the city. Privacy solutions as well as business models were also raised as urgent needs. It was also noted that vertical industries need to be further involved and too many initiatives make it somewhat difficult to understand the overall picture