ETSI is pleased to endorse this Webinar on IPv6 Enhanced Innovations and more taking place on 16 July 2020 from 09:00 to 10:20 CEST.

In the 5G & Cloud era IP networks continue to scale rapidly, while network services become more diversified than ever. On the one hand, IPv6 provides a tremendous number of IP addresses and greater options for IP packet forwarding, creating opportunities to offer better network services. On the other hand, government regulatory authorities may play an important role in the process of network evolution to IPv6.

In this webinar, the CEO of SAMENA, the President of IPv6 Forum, the Managing Director of EANTC and other experts will discuss some trends in the IPv6 industry, policies that may accelerate the deployment and the outlook for IPv6+(IPv6 enhanced Innovations).

Key topics covered in this webinar include:

  • Trends in the IPv6 Industry
  • The importance of IPv6-based ICT infrastructure to the economic development
  • Government policies that promote IPv6 Industry
  • IPv6+: IPv6 Enhanced Innovations
  • Thinking and practice of IPv6 enhanced Innovations
  • The progress of IPv6+ Standardization and Interoperability Test


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