ETSI IPv6 Enhanced innovation (ISG IPE) starts PoC activities at IPE#08

Industry Specification Group (ISG) IPv6 Enhanced innovation (IPE) held its 8th plenary on 6 and 7 September 2022.

The ISG continues to gain momentum in the IP industry, bypassing the 100 supporters including 23 operators, interested in sharing their experiences and defining the future strategies.

Leveraging on the published Group Reports and aiming to stimulate further evolutions, two PoC proposals were adopted:

  • "SRv6 based 5G Non-Terrestrial Network to provide services with granted SLA, like V2X communication” by CNR-ISTI
  • “Demonstration of deterministic networking in the Industrial Internet scenario” by China Telecom

6 presentations were given at IPE#08:

Veronica Mckillop, (UK IPv6 Council and guest to ISG#08), presented the UK IPv6 Council history and values.

Blog IPE 8 UK IPv6 

Arnaud Braud, (Orange and guest to IPE#08), provided an overview of the technologies and deployment of Gaia-X that aims to provide full blown European data spaces with the following characteristics on a European scale, fully funded, Open (no vendor lock in) and in a clear business proposal. IPv6 is future proof technology to underpin Gaia-X in agreement with the EC recommendations.

 Blog IPE 8 Gaia X

Stephan Nilsson, (UNISOT and new Participant to IPE), provided an insight on the utilization of IPv6 Chryptographic Generated Addresses (CGA) and their utilization in blockchain, the ability to trace supply chain from the final utilizer down to the producer of every components, and lavorations and payments. CGA enables peer to peer interoperability granting authentication and full security of every transactions.

 Blog IPE 8 IPv6 CGA

Jean-Charles Bisecco, (VeeSix, new IPE Participant), highlighted the role of the France IPv6 Task Force in supporting the strategy definition of the local industry, providing technical support and experience sharing. The ARCEP IPv6 barometer is instrumental in the monitoring of IPv6 deployments and tracking the progress. He provided an overview of EU policies on IPv6.

Blog IPE 8 eu policies 

Pietro Cassarà, (CNR-ISTI), presented the major IPv6 activities from the last twelve months in CNR, from EC projects 6Net, 6MoNplus, NREN to LTE/5G Rete Numerica Interforze (RNI) based on IPv6. CNR is setting up a laboratory to study AI applied to 5G access and SRv6 backbone for high quality and swift provisioning of connection.

Blog IPE 8 major IPv6 activities 

Giovanni Iavarone, (Sky Italia), stated that "Sky has adopted IPv6 as a strategic choice to meet the huge demand from customers to watch TV on multiple devices and provide the best broadband experience”. This is to enable a full IPv6 network. Sky is also investigating SRv6 as a basis for Network Programmability.

Blog IPE 8 sky ipv6 network 

IPE Rapporteurs provided a status update on each of their work items:

  • DGR/IPE-003 - Transition to IPv6 Only (Early Draft)
  • DGR/IPE-004 - IPv6 based enterprise networking and Industrial Internet (Final Draft)
  • DGR/IPE-006 - IPv6-based DataBlockMatrix (Final Draft)
  • DGR/IPE-007 - IPv6-based 5G for CAM (Stable Draft)
  • DGR/IPE-008 - IoT & 6TiSCH (Stable Draft)
  • DGR/IPE-011 - IPv6-based ROOTSERVER (Early Draft)
  • DGR/IPE-013 - Implementing CGA for IPv6 (Early Draft)
  • DGR/IPE-014 - IPv6 for Universities (start of work)
  • DGR/IPE-015 - IP Transport with SRv6 (start of work)

A new work item proposal “Testing & Validation of IPv6 / SRv6 Networks” was also submitted by the IPv6 Forum, which has since been approved by Remote Consensus.

A new White Paper is underway, this will follow on from the ETSI ISG IP6 IPv6 Whitepaper from August 2020 and include the achievements of ISG IPE.

For further information see the ISG IPE committee page or contact

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