Transforming the mobile-broadband experience is no longer a pipe dream

The ETSI Mobile Edge Computing Industry Specification Group opens the door to wider innovation and value creation.

What is Mobile Edge Computing (MEC)?

MEC offers IT service and cloud-computing capabilities at the edge of the mobile network in an environment that is characterized by proximity, ultra-low latency and high bandwidth. Furthermore, it provides exposure to real-time radio network and context information.

Imagine how all this can be intelligently leveraged by applications to transform the mobile-broadband experience.

  • Consider how interactive and delay-sensitive applications, located in close proximity to users, can benefit from the increased responsiveness of the edge as well as maximized speed and interactivity. Say goodbye to delays and other degradations encountered by data traveling between devices over the web. Every user will become a “premium user” over the mobile network.
  • Think how knowledge of real-time network information and service analytics (at the source) could be used to optimize network performance and load (responding and adapting to changing network conditions). Try to imagine the extent to which this will improve service experience and the utilization of network resources handling unprecedented amounts of traffic (essential for coping with the growth of IoT services).
  • Envisage how fine-granular context information (including location) could be used to enrich the mobile-broadband experience (by creating highly personalized services which are tailored to individual needs and preferences).

What are the benefits?

IT economies of scale can be leveraged, allowing proximity, context, agility and speed to be used for wider innovation that can be translated into unique value and revenue generation. MEC can be considered as the “Cloud” for real-time and personalized mobile services, providing an unparalleled experience with reduced latency, highly efficient network operation and service delivery.

Are you an operator? If so, you’ll be able to reposition yourself in the value chain and redefine personalized services. How about capitalizing your networks and opening them up to authorized third-parties (in a secured way) to flexibly, agilely and rapidly deploy innovative applications towards mobile subscribers, enterprises and vertical segments? At the same time, you’ll be able to create new revenue streams (beyond connectivity) from the customers and assets you already have in place, thrill your customers by creating a new breed of applications, and open up new market opportunities.

Moreover, applications supporting the tighter integration of network and service parameters will improve both service experience and optimize network performance and load. Remember that the work of the MEC initiative creates a standardized, open environment that ensures a dual-vendor approach.

Are you an Application Service Provider, OTT player or an Independent Software Vendor (ISV)? If so, you’ll be able to translate proximity and context into value and enhance and accelerate your applications and services to provide a unique and unparalleled experience.

How about expanding your cloud into the mobile network and creating a whole new set of services? And, at the same time, you’ll receive real-time network performance data, so you’ll be able to feel and immediately respond to end-user experience.

The new MEC specifications will mean that your applications can be deployed on top of multi-vendor platforms and be used by the vast majority of the customers.
Are you a mobile subscriber? You’re about to enjoy a unique, gratifying and personalized mobile-broadband experience!

In a nutshell

The ETSI work on MEC will help to accelerate the development of mobile edge applications across the industry, facilitate global-market economic growth and offer a myriad of new use cases for novel and innovative markets (such as e-Health, connected vehicles, industry automation, augmented reality, gaming and IoT services).

For more information, see the pdfETSI White Paper and the ETSI Webinar: Boosting user experience by innovating at the mobile network edge.

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